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The activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® are open to virtually all dogs and their people. Become an ACSW member today and begin a lifetime of fun competition and camaraderie  in K9 Nose Work®.


Our new membership portal is now operational and over the next few weeks we will be transitioning our trial entry system from our web site to the members portal – once this is implemented you will need to login to the portal in order to enter ACSW events.

To review your membership details and dogs registered please login to the members portal  here.     If you have not received an email re the new system, please contact us

Please note if you cannot access the URL for the new membership system, you need to check if this is being blocked by either a personal firewall on your computer or your employers firewall (if accessing from work).   

Membership renewals are due each year, 1 year from when you joined – you will receive an email reminding you of this.

 If you are wanting to join as a new member, please go here

Important Notice to All Members

New rules are now available here – effective from June  2022

Due to covid 19 and changing times,  we have modified the requirement for members to renew memberships at least 6 weeks before the closing date of a  sanctioned event.    The temporary requirement now is that members must renew their membership at least 3 weeks before the event closes.

  As of 29 August 2020, ACSW will be issuing ORT ribbons to those that pass their 3rd odour after 29 August 2020.    For those members that passed all 3 odours before 29 August 2020,  ribbons are available at a cost of $30 – please contact ACSW to apply for an ORT ribbon.

As the covid-19 situation is fluid and continues to evolve, we will continue to keep everyone informed of any changes.   Since the Covid 19 situation is different from state to state, some ACSW events are available currently to members in certain states.

We thank everyone for your support through this difficult time and we look forward to getting back to hanging with friends while watching our dogs enjoy this fabulous sport when it is safe for everyone to do so.


FEE Structure Changes

We are also currently in the process of reviewing and simplifying the fee structure for hosting ORT’s and Trials. We hope by simplifying some of the hosting rules and making the fee structure more host friendly, we can encourage more people to host trials.

Element Trials

Element trial applications are available through the ACSW website.  Availability will be determined by availability of CO’s and Judges.

ORT Titles

Effective 29 August 2020, ORT titles will be awarded once the third odour has been passed. All odours are not required to be passed on the same day. ORT’s can be done over a period of time. Once the final ORT is passed, a ribbon will be awarded on the day. For those that have already passed all three ORT’s, a ribbon can be requested from 29 August 2020 by emailing admin and paying a fee of $30.

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