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Important Notice to All Members

As the covid-19 situation continues to evolve, we want to provide information, guidance and support to our hosts and members. Additionally we are receiving feedback from some competitors and volunteers that they are feeling uncomfortable with attending events. As a result, all ACSW ORTs and trials scheduled through July 31st will be cancelled. We recommend event hosts to contact competitors in the next two weeks to address refunds and we recommend our host be generous with their refunds after recouping their expenses. We will continue to monitor government recommendations to determine if this policy should be extended.

Also, because the ACSW is aligning our rules with the NACSW and because of the extensive cancellations in the US, the NACSW have decided to delay the implementation of the rule that requires dogs to have completed all 3 ORTs to compete at all levels. This rule was to take effect on July 1. The NACSW (ACSW) will not be setting the new effective date until it becomes more clear when events will be resuming.   At this stage ACSW will not be issuing any ORT ribbons until our trials and ORTs recommence.

As the covid-19 situation is fluid and continues to evolve, we have no idea when or if the hosts will book another ORT or trial and if it will be at the same location or even of the same levels. We did not make this decision lightly and considered several options and the impact of the options. Most importantly, we wanted a decision that was consistent and also considered the resources to implement. All ORT’s and trials through July 31st are cancelled and we expect it could extend beyond that timeframe. Our hosts are individuals, small businesses, or small clubs and the ACSW is a small business with limited financial and staffing resources. The pandemic is going to cause great financial strain on everyone including our hosts and the ACSW. We have no idea how long this situation will continue to affect our events and we hope to weather the loss of income over the next several months and be able to resume full operations when it’s over. 

We thank everyone for your support through this difficult time and we look forward to getting back to hanging with friends while watching our dogs enjoy this fabulous sport when it is safe for everyone to do so.


Whats new for ACSW in 2020


ACSW is very happy to announce that effective immediately, Lesia Burford, CNWI will be heading up our K9 Nose Time Education department. Lesia is passionate about K9 Nose Work® and will be promoting their methodology and any NACSW education opportunities for instructors and or the general public when they become available. If you’re a CNWI or ANWI, Lesia can help you link up to the NACSW groups and Webinars and or answer your questions. Lesia will also be working together with Marion Brand and Jennifer Gambell to help coordinate new and exciting educational events such as the August 2020 Inaugural Australian K9 Nose Work® Camp.


Happy to introduce Jennifer Gambell, CNWI who will be joining Marion Brand, CNWI in Event Coordinating, As the ACSW is growing, so is the demand for more fun and educational events. We are already busy planning some great events for 2020 and 2021. Announcements will follow shortly.

CO and Judges Training

Kim Dowding, CNWI, senior faculty member, CO and Judge will be working with Marion Brand to train more CO’s and judges. Following in the NACSW footsteps, we will be inviting CNWI’s from around the country to participate in our new CO and Judges training for Element trials and ORT’s,  this will help with Element trials starting later this year, and expected to be in high demand, we hope to get  invitations out shortly and training will start soon.

Rule change

With the NACSW moving ahead with a variety of rule changes, we have decided to follow their lead and are currently reviewing the ACSW rules to align our rules closer to theirs, effective July 1, 2020.

This will allow the introduction of NW1 any odour trials , Element Trials and ORT Titles which will be introduced along with other rule changes.

For further details on the NACSW rules, please go to

FEE Structure Changes

We are also currently in the process of reviewing and simplifying the fee structure for hosting ORT’s and Trials. We hope by simplifying some of the hosting rules and making the fee structure more host friendly, we can encourage more people to host trials.

Element Trials

Element trial applications will be available through the ACSW website from July 1st 2020. Until then, the ACSW will be providing regional Element trials. If you are interested in having an ACSW Element trial before July 1st, 2020 please email with an expression of interest.  Availability will be determined by availability of CO’s and Judges.

ORT Titles

Effective July 1, 2020 ORT titles will be awarded once the third odour has been passed. All odours are not required to be passed on the same day. ORT’s can be done over a period of time. Once the final ORT is passed, a ribbon will be awarded on the day. For those that have already passed all three ORT’s, a ribbon can be requested from July 1st, 2020 by emailing and paying a fee of $30.

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