Compete in an ORT

The purpose of the ORT is to verify that the dog knows the target odour (scent) used in competition. Successful completion of an ORT requires a dog to identify the location of the target odour and the handler to correctly call an ‘alert’ (or equivalent) within a three-minute time period.

If you wish to compete in a trial then you must pass the appropriate Odour Recognition Test (ORT) in advance of the trial.     So for example to enter a NW1 trial (birch only) this means your dog must have passed a birch ORT

Very important points to note:-

  • All handlers entering an ORT must be current ACSW members.
  • All dogs entered in an ORT must be registered with the ACSW and have an ACSW Registration ID..
  • Host clubs holding ORTs must have spots available to the general public (not just students or members of a club or training facility).  Any exceptions to this must receive approval from the ACSW and are generally only granted in situations like a camp or regional workshop weekend.
  • The ACSW will select a number of locations regionally per year for ORTs. The ACSW will review the requests and select the locations that can best accommodate regional tests.

All enquiries please contact

The ORT must be judged by an ACSW sanctioned certifying official, who could be an approved K9 detection handler, a CNWI and/or other qualified person at the discretion of the ACSW. 

To enter an ORT, follow the instructions for that event. For more information on ORT rules, see the trial rule book, which can be downloaded below:

NACSW Rule Book