Hosting an ORT

if you wish to host an ORT please review this document and complete the form at the end of this page Request to Host an ORT

How To Host ORT Version 1-31 – Summary of changes made:-

Page 4 added to the last bullet point the below

email the ACSW Trialling Committee ( (Sue Town, Trinny Teigan, Kim Dowding and Robin Smiles)

How To Host ORT Version 1-3 – Summary of changes made:-

ORT Guidelines and Information – Added last bullet point Dispensation in regards to timeframes and fees can be applied for in writing to the ACSW. Each request will be considered based on its individual merit.

Added the below on Page 3

  • Please note that during the on line entry process all entrants and volunteers need to agree to this waiver – the printed form will only be needed for any late volunteers once the on line entries are closed.

Added the below on page 6

  1.           Once an entry is received, no refund will be issued.

Added the below on  Page 7 under timeline 4-12 weeks prior to ORT date

Confer with the CO to determine what order the odours will be run

Added the below on Page 8

Added details needed from host club for creating on line entry on ACSW web page

Added the below on Page 9

Added details for host to email ACSW with standard email to go out to all entrants (if different from ACSW default one)

Added the below on Page 15

  • Video Equipment for Videographer (including spare battery or power cord). Please note all videos must be deleted by the host with the CO in attendance at the end of each odour or the end of the day.

Added the below on Page 16

Added to print incident report form

Added the below on Page 20

changed on line entry process for ACSW web site on line entries

Please note you need to allow at least a month between holding an ORT and a trial – this requirement is in place due to the large amount of planning that is needed to run a NW1 trial

Also please note the ACSW is closed from 1  December to 31 January each year

If you wish to host an ORT then you need to complete the below on line form